Vincent Ke MPP Member’s Statement On October 26 2020

Conference Excerpt


Our government has been assuring people that we are all in this health crisis together. Accroding to a new survey, 43% of Chinese-Canadians have been targets of threats, insults and ntimidation. This disturbing trend calls for our attention and actions.


Mr. Speaker.

Since the onset of the pandemic, our government has been assuring people that we are all in this public health crisis together, yet for too many Chinese-Canadians that experience could not be farther from the truth. 

According to a recently publicized online survey of 500 Chinese-Canadians conducted by the Angus Reid Institute, 43 percent of Chinese-Canadians – and of that 43 per cent, 44 per cent of them were born in Canada – have been the targets of threats, insults and intimidation during the pandemic. This is a very disturbing trend that calls for our attention and action.

Unfairly blamed and shamed for COVID-19, about 30 percent of the Chinese-Canadians respondents express that they often feel like other Canadians view them as a threat to the health and safety of others. Public perception needs to change. Chinese-Canadians also report that they experience exposure to racist graffiti and offensive messages and memes on social media platforms. 

As well, the survey revealed that 60 per cent of Chinese-Canadians feel anxious and change their daily habits to avoid unpleasant situations and they worry that their children will be victims of bullying at school.

Sadly, such news is not shocking. It is all too familiar to Chinese-Canadians like me. COVID-19 brings to light the dark truth about racism that causes people to feel alienated, afraid and alone. 

Hate is easy to recognize and hard to ignore. Hate is dangerous. The message is clear that we must all stand together to support victims of racism and let the perpetrators know there are consequences for expressions of hate based rhetoric.

If we are truly all in this together, then please stand up for Chinese-Canadians and speak out against racism. Together, we can use our voices to raise awareness and educate others. Cowardly acts of racism target individuals or a specific group, but the harmful impact on our society and culture hurts us all. 

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.