Vincent Ke MPP Member’s Statement On October 21 2020

Conference Excerpt


Small enterprises contribute significant value to the local landscape of Main Street business, enhance our economies and create jobs. I salute their exceptional efforts as they continue to make progress, rebound and recover.


Mr. Speaker.

As we celebrate Small Business Week in Ontario, I take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the many small businesses and entrepreneurs in Don Valley North, and all across the province.

Small enterprises contribute significant value to the local landscape of Main Street business, enhance our economies, and create jobs.

There is a small business in my riding called “Extraordinary Education Centre”. Since 2012, this small private school worked hard to earn a solid reputation in the community. Their curriculum includes Mandarin classes for students in their after-school program. They also coach an award winning competitive debate team.

Due to the pandemic, the school had to close down all in-person lessons before the March Break, so they created a new business model by offering their classes online. It was risky, yet necessary, in order for the business to survive.

As they prepared to accommodate students in their newly envisioned virtual environment, the risk paid off. In fact, they broadened their client base because the whole world’s classrooms also went online at the same time and for the same reason.

The school went from 10 classes at the start of the pandemic to 17 classes currently. They set a great example of how small businesses can pivot, identify challenges, and create opportunities at the same time.

Restaurants also quickly modify their service to accommodate customers with take out menus when indoor dining is not an option. Small retailers keep their doors open by updating their premises with Plexiglas barriers and provide health and safety training and PPE to their staff, and PPE for their employees and customers. Each example magnifies the resourcefulness and resilience of Main Street in Ontario.

Today I salute all small businesses in Ontario for their exceptional efforts in challenging circumstances as they continue make progress, rebound, and recover.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.