Update to Tendercare Living Centre Jan 09 2021

Progress continues at Tendercare long-term care home to resolve outbreak
Today, there are no new resident COVID-19 cases and no new staff cases. There are 19 active resident cases in the home and 91 resolved cases, indicating that it has been 10 days since their lab test confirming COVID-19 and the resident is no longer showing COVID-19 symptoms.

For the second consecutive day, there are no COVID-19-related deaths. The total number of individuals who have died from COVID-19 during the outbreak remains 73.

Today, 80 staff have resolved cases, and 42 have returned to work at the home with more returning in the coming days.

On Sunday, January 10, the first Tendercare residents and essential caregivers who wish to be vaccinated, and staff who have not already been vaccinated will receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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