Supports to Combat Islamophobia in Schools


Today, Minister Lecce and Minister Rasheed announced that our government is taking action to combat Islamophobia and discrimination by providing $300,000 for initiatives to support Muslim students and families with an emphasis on enhancing resources and training of educators, targeted supports for students, and digital resources for parents. This funding is part of our government’s $6.4M Safe Return to Class fund. These initiatives will help ensure students learn in more inclusive classrooms and are supported by their educators and communities.

Today’s $300,000 investment includes $225,000 to the Muslim Association of Canada to create digital resources for educators, students and parents to raise awareness about Islamophobia, and $75,000 to the National Council of Canadian Muslims to facilitate outreach and engagement with Muslim parents and families, with a focus on newcomer communities.

According to the most up to date data from Statistics Canada, hate crimes have been on the rise in Canada with a 9% increase in anti-Muslim attacks in 2019, when compared to 2018. Tragic and horrific reports and incidents both inside Ontario and throughout the world over the past years underscore the need for action. The partnership and support announced by the Ontario government is part of an ongoing effort to protect children and create safe learning environments.

Key Messages

  • Our government stands firmly against all forms of religious and racial discrimination and intolerance, including Islamophobia.
  • Racism, discrimination and hatred directed against people because they are Muslim is unacceptable.
  • That’s why our government is providing $300K in supports to provide community groups with funding to deliver collaborative, community-based student and parent supports, including initiatives to enhance awareness of Islamophobia and explore strategies to combat it.
  • This funding is part of the Safe Return to Class Fund, to which the government is providing $6.4M in equity related supports to help facilitate greater understanding of all individuals and   provide strategies to combat racism and prejudice.
  • Funding partnerships include:
    • $225K for the Muslim Association of Canada,
    • $75K for the National Council of Canadian Muslims
  • We will be working with these organizations to create digital resources for educators, students, and parents as well as engaging with families to ensure a safe return to school for Muslim students.
  • This funding supports advocacy for issues and concerns related to Muslim Canadians in the education system, supports related to pandemic-induced issues and risks for Muslim families in Ontario, as well as capacity building tools for educators, school staff, parents and community members.
  • Our government stands firmly against all forms of religious and racial discrimination and violence and will do what it takes to end discrimination and prejudice in Ontario.

News Release