Ontario’s safe employers are receiving a $1.5 billion rebate, helping create jobs and pay workers more. Learn more: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001609/ontarios-safe-employers-receiving-up-to-15-billion-rebate

After historic underfunding and mismanagement, our government is creating generational change at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) to ensure it is working for workers.

Through this change, we are providing a rebate of up to $1.5 billion for 300,000 safe employers as WSIB surplus funds are returned for the first time.

This rebate will give businesses back approximately 30 per cent of their annual premium payments, helping create new jobs and allowing for bigger paycheques for workers.

The surplus distribution will only be provided to safe employers, who will receive their rebates starting in April.

For a business with 80 to 125 employees, this could mean receiving $28,000 to reinvest in their business and workers.

This rebate will not impact benefits for injured workers.

We are getting cheques in the mail for businesses on Main Street who need this relief so they can pay their workers more, create new jobs, and grow our economy.