Ontario Welcomes Investment & Job Creation in the Life Sciences Sector

The Ontario government is welcoming AstraZeneca’s latest investment to establish a flagship Global Clinical research centre for clinical trials at its growing Mississauga site.

In our government’s Life Sciences Strategy, we committed to attracting more than five investments of over $100 million by 2030. Today’s announcement demonstrates that we are well on our way to reaching our goal.

This investment will help the company create 500 jobs in five years.

The investment will enhance Ontario’s competitiveness and leadership in the life sciences sector, while continuing to build a strong, competitive economy.

The health and life sciences sectors play a critical role in the province’s economy, providing more than 70,000 skilled, high-paying jobs and generating more than $64 billion annually in revenue, including exporting $11 billion in goods to markets around the globe.

Over the past two years, Ontario has attracted nearly $3 billion in investments by global biomanufacturers including Sanofi, Resilience and Roche Pharmaceuticals.

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