Ontario Creating More Affordable Child Care Spaces Across the Province

Our government is firmly committed to increasing access to affordable child care spaces in Ontario for families.

That is why our government has announced an additional 53,000 licensed child care spaces.

Since 2019, our government has created over 33,000 child care spaces – bringing our total to 86,000 new spaces.

We are also taking action to ensure new child care spaces also meet the needs of the changing labour market.

That includes dedicating spaces to operations that will support parents in shift and weekend employment, 24/7 operations, and other untraditional work environments, critical to increasing women labour market participation.

In March, our government secured the best deal possible with the federal government that includes $13.2 billion with an additional year of funding guaranteed and choice preserved for parents.

This agreement will lower fees for families and deliver an average of $10-per-day child care by 2026.

To date, 92% of Ontario’s licensed child care providers have opted into our plan to deliver affordable child care.

Families in Ontario are already seeing fee reductions of up to 25% retroactive to April 1, 2022, and, by the end of this year, will see further fee reductions of up to 50% relative to 2020 levels.

Ontario families can be assured that our government take any measure needed to provide financial relief and high-quality child care across this province.


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