NYGH Update on Tendercare Living Centre Dec 29 2020

Health Care Organizations Mobilize to Increase Staffing at Tendercare Living Centre

Today, as the result of the collective efforts of health professionals from different organizations who have been recruited to assist Tendercare and of the Tendercare staff who have returned to work, nursing levels have improved significantly at the long-term care home. These extra nurses
are providing enhanced care to both residents with COVID-19 and those who tested negative, many of whom have complex health care needs. Our critical task is to sustain these levels over the coming weeks and until such time as the home stabilizes.

Despite the extremely high demand for health professionals across Ontario and the current strain on the entire health system as we fight COVID-19, these remarkable health professionals are working hard to protect and care for residents and support families.

COVID-19 cases in the home on December 29

Currently, there are 101 residents with COVID-19 at the home and 20 residents have resolved cases, which means that it has been 10 days since the lab test confirming COVID-19 and the individual is no longer showing COVID-19 symptoms.

Today, 53 staff have COVID-19 and are in isolation at home and 38 staff have resolved cases, 13 of whom have already returned to work with more anticipated to be back at the long-term care home over the next few days.

As of today, 48 residents have died from COVID-19 during the outbreak. We express our deepest condolences to those who have lost a family member of friend to this devastating virus.

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