Less Red Tape, Stronger Ontario Act

When we formed government in 2018, we inherited the largest red tape burden in the country that was driving jobs and investment out of Ontario.


That’s why we’ve focused on reducing red tape to make life easier for people and businesses in the province.


Our package includes 28 initiatives to enhance Ontario’s competitiveness, support stronger supply chains, and make it easier to interact with government by:

  • Introducing the Grow Ontario Strategy to support a strong, secure food supply chain from farm to fork.


  • Removing legislative and regulatory barriers to enable greater investment in emission reducing technologies like carbon capture and storage.


  • Providing more data and tools to municipalities to determine optimal Reduced Load Periods on roadways and improve supply chain efficiency.



  • Modernizing the Veterinarians Act to reduce burdens for vets and practice owners.


As our new stand-alone ministry builds towards the future, we are stepping up our efforts to get people, businesses, and organizations to share their best ideas for reducing red tape with us through an updated web portal, located at Ontario.ca/redtape

Read more:

EN: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1002505/ontario-reducing-red-tape-to-improve-competitiveness-and-strengthen-supply-chains

FR: https://news.ontario.ca/fr/release/1002505/lontario-reduit-les-formalites-administratives-pour-ameliorer-sa-capacite-concurrentielle-et-renforcer-ses-chaines-dapprovisionnement


Narrative document:

EN: https://files.ontario.ca/mrtr-fall-2022-red-tape-bill-en-2022-11-23.pdf

FR: https://news.ontario.ca/fr/backgrounder/1002504/moins-de-formalites-administratives-pour-un-ontario-plus-fort