Job Numbers


Since taking office in June 2018, employment in Ontario has increased by over 290,000 jobs.  Almost three quarters of all jobs created in Canada in 2019 were created right here in Ontario.    

Key Messages

  • Our government has a plan to attract investment, encourage innovation, grow small businesses, and create quality jobs across the province.
  • Since taking office in June 2018 employment has increased in Ontario by over 290,000 jobs. The majority of these are full-time, private sector jobs.
  • We are also taking a proactive approach and prioritizing the province’s role in trade, ensuring Ontario markets remain open for investment given we live in a globally competitive world.
  • But we know we have more work to do. That’s why we are taking action on reducing red tape and the reducing the cost of doing business in Ontario through the Better for People, Smarter for Business Act.
  • We’re also hard at work saving the business community over $5 billion, and restoring Ontario’s competitiveness as we work toward the formation of the Premier’s Advisory Council on Competitiveness.
  • These actions and more are sending the message to job creators in Ontario and across the world that Ontario is open for business and open for jobs.