Innovation Guides


This morning, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark announced the release of our “Co-Owning a Home” Guide. It’s the fourth in a series promoting innovative housing choices.    

Our user-friendly Innovation Guides were created, following consultations on the More Homes, More Choice Act (Bill 108), to make it easier to build different types of housing, to ensure people have a range of options to meet their needs.

Key Messages

  • Our government believes everyone deserves a place to call home.
  • We want to put affordable home ownership in reach of more Ontario families.
  • That’s why we introduced More Homes, More Choice: Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan to help build the right types of homes in the right places, to make housing more affordable and help taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned dollars.
  • To support this, our government is releasing a series of guides encouraging innovative approaches to housing.

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