Healthcare Echo


Today the Premier, Minister Elliott and Minister Phillips highlighted the government’s actions to combat COVID-19 through an additional $3.3 billion in healthcare resources as part of Ontario’s Action Plan: Responding to COVID-19.

Key Messages

  • The Province is increasing capacity in Ontario’s hospitals to meet the challenges of the outbreak head-on, including:
    • $935 million for the hospital sector, comprising:
      • $594 million to accelerate progress on addressing hospital capacity issues; and
      • $341 million for additional acute care and critical care beds and more assessment centres
  • The government is also providing $124 million to support the delivery of more than 90 transitional care projects, creating approximately 1,000 spaces where more than 20,000 patients can move from a hospital bed to a more appropriate transitional care setting.
  • The Action Plan includes investments in the long-term care sector, such as:
  • $243 million for additional capacity in the sector and more resources for screening, infection control, staffing and supplies
  • Approximately $80 million to improve and maintain the quality of care in long-term care homes; and
  • Approximately $23 million for a minor capital program that will support the ongoing repair of homes and allow operators to maintain safe and modern facilities.
  • The Action Plan includes investments in public health, such as:
  • $160 million in increased funding for public health to support COVID-19 monitoring, surveillance and testing, as well as investments in virtual care and Telehealth Ontario
  • $61 million for publicly funded vaccines for the province’s immunization program to maintain high immunization rates and help prevent disease outbreaks

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