Government of Ontario to Expand Use of Off-Road Vehicles


The Ontario government is putting people first by reducing regulatory burdens and removing barriers that will make life easier for off-road vehicle riders.

Today, Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation, was at Edge Performance in Bradford to announce plans to allow off-road vehicle riders easier access to roadways, connecting them to more trail networks in more communities across the province.

Key Messages

  • As part of the government’s proposed Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, we’re making life better for off-road vehicle riders by expanding access to Ontario’s trail networks.
  • If passed, municipalities would make the decision about where and how best to integrate off-road vehicles on their roads, because we know municipalities are in the best position to determine how to safely allow off-road vehicles on their roads.
  • Our proposal would harmonize Ontario’s approach with other provinces and is supported by sector stakeholders, manufacturers and the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders.

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