Canada Flag Lawn Sign

Don Valley North

As Canadians we share common values. On July 1st, 2023Canada Day, let’s unite to celebrate Canada together!

You’re invited to post a free Canada flag lawn sign at your home, courtesy of MPP, Vincent Ke, to signify your support of the country we all love and feel proud to call home!

Please fill in the form below – OR – Text: (647) 616-9011 to request a free Canada flag lawn sign as a special addition to your Canada Day holiday celebration!

Kindly register before June 20th to allow time for our volunteers to installPlease NoteOne (1) free Canada flag lawn sign per household in Don Valley North.

With the true Ontario spirit in our hearts, we have the opportunity to honour our shared experience, our rich history and heritage, and the many freedoms we enjoy. As we embrace diversity, inclusion, and our multicultural way of life, we are reminded on Canada Day that we all belong to a country and culture where there is a place for everyone to grow and thrive. 

Canada is a land of plentiful lush green forests, blue lakes and rivers and oceans, major urban hubs that drive economic growth, and quaint countryside towns and villages that add character to our national pride. Most of all, Canada is made up of beautiful people of all ages and walks of life. We are a people of many talents, a variety of abilities, and an endless potential to serve others and contribute to our society to make it better for everyone.

We are Canadians! And together, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!

Happy Canada Day to you and all Canadians!

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