On Thursday June 18th, Minister Mulroney announced the reopening of DriveTest and Travel Point locations across the province.

DriveTest centres will begin serving customers based on when they were born to reduce crowding, support new requirements for physical distancing, health checks and enhanced sanitation. People with birthdays between January to June will be allowed to visit a centre the first week of reopening, and people with birthdays between July to December will have access to DriveTest services the following week. Access to DriveTest services will continue to alternate weekly until full services are restored.

Key Message

· As Ontario prepares to reopen more businesses and services, it is critical that supports are in place so people can return to work.

· We have heard from the people of Ontario that businesses have concerns that many people have not been able to a get a licence as a result of COVID-19 closures.

· On June 22, 2020, the Ontario government and its service provider, DriveTest, will begin to gradually offer driver testing services across the province with the expectation of restoring full services by September. The gradual, staggered approach will ensure that the strict protocols are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

· The first phase will begin addressing the backlog and current demand for G1 and M1 knowledge tests and ensure that commercial drive tests are available to support the movement of goods across the province.

· To reduce crowding and support physical distancing, many DriveTest centres will serve customers based on when they were born – January to June birthdays one week; July to December birthdays the next. Please visit to learn more about services offered in each phase and to plan your visit prior to arriving at a DriveTest centre.

· We encourage people who can wait to get a driver’s licence to delay visiting a DriveTest centre to help maintain physical distancing and reducing crowding as the centres reopen. We have extended the validity of all driver licences – no one will lose their licence as a result of COVID-19.

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