DriveTest-Lockdown in Grey Areas


On Monday November 23, 2020, the Ontario government cancelled all in-vehicle road tests in regions that are categorized in the Grey (Lockdown) level. This currently applies to all road tests in the City of Toronto and Peel Regions (including Brampton, Downsview, Etobicoke, Metro East, Mississauga, and Port Union DriveTest Centres). The government has directed its driver testing service provider to restrict residents in these regions from being able to take a road test at another DriveTest centre, which comes into effect on November 30th. Ontario drivers will not lose their current driver’s licences due to this decision and no driver’s licence applicants will lose test fees as a result of the road test cancellations.

Key Messages

  • We are taking immediate action to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario by temporarily cancelling all road testing at DriveTest centres located in the Grey (Lockdown) level.
  • The DriveTest centres located in the current lockdown level are:
    • Brampton, Downsview, Etobicoke, Metro East, Mississauga and Port Union.
  • All customers with road tests booked at these centres will have their road test cancelled.
  • If you have a road test booked in the Grey (Lockdown) level, your road test has been cancelled. You will receive a credit on the system so that you can rebook your test when your region moves to a lower COVID-19 level.
  • Since learning of the new public health measures, the Ministry of Transportation has been actively working to explore options to restrict DriveTest applicants who reside in Grey level regions from travelling elsewhere to take their road tests.
  • Minister Mulroney has directed the ministry’s third-party service provider to operationalize this intent.
  • As such, applicants who reside the Grey level regions may not book a road test at a DriveTest centre in a different region in a lower COVID-19 level. If you live in the Grey (Lockdown) level and try to attend a DriveTest location for a road test outside of your COVID-19 level, you will be turned away.

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