Cumulative Ventilation funding


Today, Minister Lecce is providing a cumulative ventilation funding figures to caucus for the purpose of promoting at a local level the substantial investment/progress made in ventilation and air quality in schools across Ontario to keep staff and students safe.

In total over $600M has been allocated to improve ventilation in schools since the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. This includes the procurement of over 70,000 standalone HEPA filter units and other ventilation devices which have been purchased to keep Ontario classrooms safe.

As a result of Premier Ford and our government’s investments over the past year, improvements to ventilation have been made in all schools in all school boards across Ontario. Under Ontario’s plan:

  • All HVAC systems have been inspected and recommissioned in 100% to optimize air quality. 
  • School boards are using higher grade filters and changing filters more frequently.
  • They are running their systems for longer – 2 hours before school and 2-3 hours after the end of the school.
  • Using additional measures, such as standalone HEPA filter units, to improve air quality and air changes.

Key Messages

  • Premier Ford and Minister Lecce have delivered over $600M to support system-wide improvements in ventilation and air quality to keep schools safe.
  • As a result of our investment and focus on improving air quality, and commitment to follow the best advice of pediatric experts, to date in schools with mechanical ventilation:
    • 99% of the systems have been assessed and/or recommissioned to optimize air flow
    • 92% of the filters are being changed more frequently and/or using higher grade air filters, including MERV-13 rated air filters
    • 91% are running systems longer
    • 87% have increased fresh air intake
    • Over 70,000 standalone HEPA filter units and other ventilation devices purchased
  • Building on our nation leading plan, ventilation improvements are one safety measure in a suite of protective measures that will keep staff, students and families safe at school.
  • Ontario will also provide school boards with a standardized reporting tool on ventilation improvements. This tool will communicate school-level ventilation measures online to ensure that information is publicly available across the province.
  • With the support of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, we know that ventilation improvements are one more way we are continuing to ensure students return to well-prepared classrooms this fall so that when they return to class, they remain in-class all year.