Bill 163 – Second reading, Feb 20th, 2020

MPP Vincent Ke’s Private Member’s bill, Bill 163, Food Day Ontario (Food Day Canada in Ontario) Act, 2019 was completed second reading in the legislature as of February 20, 2020.

Bill 163 aims to promote culinary sovereignty and to recognize the hard work and dedication of Ontario’s agricultural sector workers put in to provide nutritious and healthy food.

During the debate session, Minister MacLeod, PA Barret, PA Pettapiece, have expressed their support. Member of Guelph (Mike Schreiner, MPP), Member of Toronto Centre (Suze Morrison, MPP), Member of Davenport (Marit Stiles, MPP), Member of Ottawa South (John Fraser, MPP), Member of Scarborough Southwest (Doly Begum, MPP) also have shared their valuable perspectives in favor of this bill.

Full speech will be posted on MPP Vincent Ke’s Facebook page.


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