Our government is firmly committed to keeping kids in class, following two years of disruption and learning loss felt around the world. 

We have an obligation to keep students learning, which is why investing more for our students, publicly funded schools and more for Ontario parents — including a new $200 support for every school aged child in Ontario. 

Our government made the single largest investment of $683M dollars in learning recovery, mental health, special education supports, and publicly funded tutoring supports. – a record $175M – in Ontario history.

While we invest more in publicly funded education, we are also taking action to support parents. Premier Ford and our government is delivering $365M in direct financial relief to parents, through one-time funding of $200 for school-aged children up to 18 years old and $250 for children and youth up to age 21 with special needs.

We know that students around the world have experienced decreasing math scores across nearly all ages, which is why our government is placing a major emphasis on math recovery by:

Increasing access to more digital math supports, including elementary math course packs provided by TVO and TFO, and access to the grade 9 math course online.

Providing an additional $15 million for school boards to support comprehensive and convenient digital math tools.

Working with school boards to create a Math Action Team that has expertise in promoting the use of high-impact math teaching practices for our classrooms.

Delivering an immediate $50 million part of the government’s math strategy, with a focus on getting back to basics and providing resources, skills, and investments to support learning.

Our government is also focused on reading and writing skill enhancement, which is why we are investing $25 million in evidence-based reading intervention programs and professional assessments that help educators support young students sooner.

We will continue to take action to keep kids in class and ensure Ontario students catch-up. https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1002410/province-takes-action-to-ensure-students-catch-up