Rebuilding Consumer Confidence Act


Today, the Honourable Lisa Thompson, Minister of Government and Consumer Services introduced the Rebuilding Consumer Confidence Act, a legislation if passed would overhaul the Ontario new home warranties and protection program, reforming Tarion Warranty Corporation, making it consumer focused while reducing the role of builders.

Key Messages

  • A new home should be a safe, secure and comfortable place to live and raise your family.
  • Too often, though, that dream can crumble when new homeowners find serious defects such as foundation cracks, mold, or incorrect finishes caused by poor construction.
  • Our government recognizes that Tarion Warranty Corporation hasn’t been doing nearly enough to protect new home buyers.
  • Our government committed in February to look into Tarion and make changes that will help better protect new home buyers in the province – and that is exactly what we have done.
  • Our bill proposes changes that will overhaul the new home warranty program, enhance the claim and dispute resolution process, allow for better built homes, and increase transparency and accountability at a reformed Tarion.

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