2023 GreenLife Chinese Alumni Spring Gala

I am pleased to express my warmest greetings and wholehearted congratulations to the 2023 Chinese Alumni Spring Gala Committee in celebration of the 2023 GreenLife Chinese Alumni Spring Gala in North York.

2023 GreenLife Chinese Alumni Spring Gala provides the perfect platform for artists and performers to showcase a multitude of their talents and skills. It is also a fantastic time to reconnect with old acquaintances and foster new connections in the community, where a shared culture and heritage is honoured and embraced. With true Ontario spirit, each participant is invited to greet the new year with a sense of optimism and gratitude for a province that values and promotes the importance of community engagement, multiculturalism, and inclusion.

It is my pleasure to give thanks to the organizers, sponsors, performers, and volunteers involved in presenting this wonderful Spring Gala.